January 3rd 2017
Here we go again. Another exciting and challenging year ahead. Time to get those tomatoes and cucumbers started soon. Having said that, I find that however late you leave them, they soon catch up.

I hope you are finding you way around the new website. There are the odd quirks, but I think we will have to live with them. For instance if you hover your mouse/finger one the "plothoders" navigation link it doesn't go to the link, you have to click on it (I hope this makes sense?).
Likewise the "social club" link. Just click around and you will find what you need I'm sure.
Have you had a look at the external links? There's some interesting stuff out there. Have you found any interesting websites that you think should be added to the list? Let me know and I'll do the rest.

We have 2 greenhouses on the site that we want to get rid of. Whilst both of them have some glass missing there should be enough glass to re-glaze one of them.
If you are interested, or know some one who might be interested, please contact Allan or me. If there is no response within the next four weeks they will be got rid of.

Upcoming events
I've put a provisional planner up for 2017.  Many of the dates are more or less fixed, but some will depend on club availability.

Our first Committee Meeting of the new year is scheduled for January 16th. Is there anything you would like raised/discussed. If there is, just drop me a line.