May 16th 2017

The plant sale weekend went very well. Thanks to everyone who contributed plants. Sales of dahlia plants went well also.
There are still a few bedding plants, brassicas and shrub etc available. Plants may be purchased during the normal shed opening hours next weekend. Alternatively, see a committee member.
On Tuesday 23rd May it's our AGM. Please attend this important meeting if you can. Lots of useful information and a chance to meet your committee and other plotholders. If you would like to join our committee please contact me or Allan.


Hanging basket and scarecrow competitions.

These competitions will be running again this year. See the posters for details

Plastic bottle tops

A request from Anne Linnecor.
"I wonder whether you could ask the plotters and social club to please collect any plastic bottle tops and place in my postbox on allotment 35C. We are collecting them to buy electric wheelchairs for disabled children. You would be amazed at how much these bottle tops make. Thank you."

The year ahead

The details of this year's events are shown on the planner.  Details of the various competitions are also shown on the competition calendar.


Regular Saturday and Sunday opening has recommenced and will continue throughout the main season. Details of who is on shed duty, can be found on the store shed page, on the notice boards and on the shed door.
As I am sure you are aware, the duty storekeeper has given up his/her time to be on site for the 2 hour opening period. Very often there are no customers and this person is hanging around getting a bit frustrated, as you can imagine. This is particularly so if the weather is bad i.e. raining. The committee has decided that if the weather is bad, the shed will not be manned.


I hope you are finding your way around the website. There are the odd quirks, but I think we will have to live with them. For instance, if you hover your mouse/finger on the "plothoders" navigation link it doesn't go to the link, you have to click on it (I hope this makes sense?).
Likewise the "social club" link. Just click around and you will find what you need I'm sure.
Have you had a look at the external links? There's some interesting stuff out there. Have you found any interesting websites that you think should be added to the list? Let me know and I'll do the rest.