Newsletter September 20th 2021

Reg Kearsley

Reg's funeral will take place on Thursday 23rd September at Sutton Crematorium at 1.45pm
This will be followed by a get-together at the Social Club. Everyone is invited.

Greenhouse staging

8ft long cedar greenhouse staging available - will deliver. Contact me or Jacqui if interested.

Rent Collection

I have received this year's rent list from the BDAC. I have sent payment details to everyone except where new or modified paperwork is required. This applies to all new plotters plus anyone who has changed their details. If you fall into this category please contact Allan.
Payment may be made via BACS or altenatively, I, and Allan Refern, will be in the club from 1pm - 2pm on Sunday 10th,17th & 24th October.
BCC have issued details of next year's rent. This can be found in the Gardener's Guidelines page of the website. Some nasty increases there. We understand that by the time that these rents become due i.e.October 2022, that Sutton Coldfield Town Council will be setting the rents.
I don't know what these will be but they have indicated that they will round everything up to the nearest £.

Committee Meetings

We are having problems getting access to the club for our committee meetings. As a result of this there will be no committee meetings until the issue is resolved. In the meantime we will return to monthly reports from the officers.

Social Club Annual Subscriptions

Some good news for plotters who are members of the Social Club