January 14TH 2021

Whilst we are in the middle of lockdown and suffering from monsoon weather things are moving on slowly on the allotments front.
I have, rather ambitiously, issued a a planner for the coming year. I sort of hope that we will be over the worst by May and things can get back to normal. In the meantime we will have to make our plans and hope for the best.

As I mentioned previously we are hoping to have 2 annual shows this year. The 1st one, to be held on August 1st, will be for cakes and flowers and we are callimg it the "Annual Bloom 'n' Bake Bonanza".
The 2nd show will be held on August 22nd and we are calling it the "Annual Fruit & Vegetable Show". Not so picturesque but we couldn't think of anything better.
John has reworked the 2 show schedules and you can find them by following the links on the Annual Show page.
Having 2 shows will give us more room and allow the inclusion of new categories.

Monthly job list

As this has become a regular item I have given it it's own page. Click on the link or the drop down menu to get there.