About Us

Hill Allotments is a small and friendly allotment site on the northern edge of Birmingham.

We have a history dating back to before the 1st World War. George Chamberlain was the Honorary Secretary of the Hill and Four Oaks Allotments and Small Holdings Association and in 1916 wrote in a local newspaper about the problems caused by the war. "The war has deprived the young association of eight or nine of its most active members; others are in a state of uncertainty as to their future and the natural consequence is that allotment work at Mere Green and Four Oaks is at a standstill."

At the time the allotment site occupied 11 to 12 acres of land at Mere Green. Between the wars the site was moved to Tower Road and in 1945 to its current situation between Gibbons Road and Dugdale Crescent.

We have a Plotholders Association and a Social Club.

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