HELD ON 22nd May 2018.

1 The Chairman, Jason Hodges declared the meeting open at 8.05pm and welcomed the

2 A register of attendees had been taken. Apologies had been received from John Craggs, Brian Roberts, Hazel Robinson and John Mills.

3 Minutes of the Previous AGM
The minutes of the previous AGM held on 23rd May 2017 were proposed for acceptance by Eileen Hayward, seconded by Jo Murphy and carried nem con.

4 Matters arising from the previous minutes.

There were no matters arising.

5 Chairman’s report

The chairman provided a written report which is submitted with these minutes.
He thanked the club for allowing us to use their facilities for our various events and
requested our support and assistance with the Raise the Roof event on 28th May to
raise funds for repairs to the club, especially with spare plants for the plant sale.

He raised the issue of site security and reported that several sheds had been broken into and items stolen. He recommended that no valuable items should be kept in sheds.

Eileen Roberts had won the award for best allotment plot in Birmingham

In July BDAC judged the allotment and we were judged to have put in a good effort.
The annual show in August was mainly supported by the stalwarts especially. However there was a fantastic array of produce and the judge felt that the show was of a high standard.

In August JH and a team went to Cannon Hill Park with a display of “12 different kinds of veg and flowers” for which we came first. The chairman thanked those who put together the display and fetched and carried.

The site competitions also did well. The Plot Supper was enjoyable albeit with lower attendance than usual.

Sutton Coldfield has entered Britain in Bloom and although our site is not part of this the Chairman announced that we shall do Hill in Bloom to support this effort.

Thanks were given to all the committee for their hard work but with particular thanks to Allan,Mike,John and Paul.

Thanks were also extended to all plotholders who keep the site tidy especially in readiness for the July judging for best site in Birmingham.

6 Secretary’s Report

The site is fully let. Some recently let plots show great improvement . Permission is being sought to use the land on which the garages had stood as a community garden.

Mike Hubball has given up the job of Store shed Manager after 16years. The task is now shared by Allan, Jason and Paul, who have requested suggestions for new items for the inventory. Mike was thanked for his devoted efforts over the years.

The badger has not been seen for some time and this gives us an opportunity to become more hedgehog friendly. We could get some hedgehog boxes.

Several bird boxes have been erected and occupied, several more to be put up to help make the site more wildlife friendly.

The Best Front of Plot competition is now to be the best Floral border so that all potholders can participate.with a £20 prize to the winner

7 Treasurer’s report

A full report has been submitted by the Treasurer and accompanies these minutes.
Copies of the Accounts were circulated at the meeting.
The management and main accounts were discussed.
For the Management account the income was slightly reduced but thanks to frugal use of water expenditure was also reduced and the balance increased.
For the Main account the balance was in surplus despite a reduction in shed sales. The profit margin was still on target. The annual show showed a small but reduced profit.
Trophy engraving is a main item of expenditure. Trophies will only be engraved if the winner attends the presentation at the Plot Supper or sends apologies.
Thanks were given to support from the committee.

8 Show Secretary’s Report

The show secretary submitted a report with these minutes which was read by JH.
In brief the following items were highlighted. Potato, sunflower and pumpkin competitions. The winner of the potato competition , John Craggs,had a weight of 57 lbs,the tallest sunflower was 10’ 9” ,Haydn Williams who also grew the heaviest pumpkin at 69lbs. As there were only two entries for pumpkin this has been withdrawn and replaced by largest diameter sunflower head.
As entries were not always clearly marked especially potatoes this has caused difficulties. This year entrants will be emailed to confirm participation and if there is no response the entry will be void.
Plant sale . The availability of low cost commercial plants makes it no longer viable to have a plant sale in future. This year on May 28th a plant sale will support the Club fundraising effort.

Hanging Basket, scarecrow and Floral display competitions. Entry forms are still available from the store shed. The new floral display will have a £20 prize and will improve the appearance of the site for the Thorpe Memorial Trophy judging.

The Annual Show will be held on Sunday August 19th. The Bill Eaglesfield Trophy is now open to all with an entry of three vegetable varieties. Entries are prohibited for both class 1 (5 veg) and class 2 (three veg) by the same entrant. Various other amendments to the Show schedule were published.

There will be simple guide lines on the website for the annual show: for other competitions these are already available.

Trophies will be awarded at the Plot Luck Supper for those in attendance and to those who send in apologies.

9) Safety Officers Report

Two minor accidents on site were reported. It is important to report accidents on site to a committee member. All accident reports are now filed securely off site with Allan to comply with GDPR regulations.

Paths between plots can be uneven and care should be taken when using them. Please try to keep paths in a safe condition.

Paul is continuing to clear moss on roadways. Please remember to keep to the 5mph speed limit as it is shared with pedestrians. Any children/grandchildren on site should not be allowed to play in the road.

Bi-monthly site inspections will continue.

10 Site Maintenance

Water usage is higher this year. Please avoid wastage. Please ensure taps are fully shut off. There are butts for sale from the shed. Hose pipes may only be used to fill butts. The water was turned on late because of frost damage to pipes.
Please tidy empty manure bags.

11 Election of committee

Jackie Pile, John Mills, Mike Hubball and Jason Hodges were re-elected unanimously.

12 AOB
Help is required for various maintenance jobs which will be shown on the Planner page of the website.
The site tidy up will be in early July.
Paul will be cutting some hedges this week.
A request was made for weedkiller to be available for community areas.
plot 16b has a briar patch which may need cutting back.

Annual Show - a request was made for suggestions for a new format. Need to increase participation especially of newcomers. There was some discussion around this. Haydn Williams and others suggested that people should not be pushed to enter competitions as many allotment members only held plots as they enjoyed eating their produce.

Plot Luck Supper starts too late.
There will shortly be an NGS ( National Gardens Scheme)visit/Open day.
Sutton Ladies Garden Club will be on -site July16th.

Plotholders are reminded that bonfires are permitted only in March and Nov.

The next meeting will be in May 2019 date to be confirmed.

The meeting was closed at 21.27.